The Daily Hotness: Escape from the cityyyyyyyy

Recently, I spent 20 minutes unpacking my GameCube and all the necessary accoutrements just to play through City Escape in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (and to passionately sing along). Once. Then I unhooked everything and put it all back away. Worth it. But now Sonic Adventure 2 is getting the HD release treatment, so I can run through City Escape whenever I want!

Today, Allistair took a look at Hong Kong in videogames, we began a contest to put Dyad in your brains, we received word that another Earthworm Jim game will come to fruition eventually, and more.

Destructoid Original:
Hong Kong: The city that defined console generations
Live show: Don’t touch my sack … boy!


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FALCON PUUUUUUUNCH!!! Source Filmmaker edition


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