The Daily Hotness: Dudes falling from space

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Felix Baumgartner fell from a freakin’ space balloon, broke the sound barrier, and landed on his feet. I’m in the wrong industry.

Today, we reviewed Dance Central 3 and Of Orcs and Men, Nintendo cut the price of the Wii, EA gave away thousands of PC games, and a million other amazing things happened on 10/15/2012.

Destructoid Original:
Hunter S. Thompson and the Case of the Pirate’s Booty 
Note Worthy 007: Borderlands, Pandaria, Double Dragon 
Live show: The return of Multiplayer Monday 
The Network Roundup: Jump 
The DTOID Show: NYCC, Sleeping Dogs DLC, & CoD Elite 
It’s a Destructoid Dance Party! 

Community blogs of 10/15
Forum thread of the day:  COSTUMETOID: Halloween Costume Discussion 2012!
Promoted blog: A captain’s primer to FTL

Contest: Win a Wii U 

Review: Dance Central 3 
Review: The Unfinished Swan 
Review: Of Orcs and Men 
Review: Half-Minute Hero: Ultimate Boy  

Preview: Borderland 2’s Pirate’s Booty expansion 
Preview: Professor Layton 3DS looks amazing 
A look at Dance Central 3’s SmartGlass companion app 

Compete with real-world Pokémon champs in Black & White 2 

Nintendo slashes the price of the Wii to $129.99 
DmC: Devil May Cry is getting a demo 
EA accidentally gives away thousands of PC games 
Microsoft perma-banning early Halo 4 users from XBL 
Call of Duty Elite features to be free in Black Ops II 
PSA: Place your Wii U layaway order at Walmart ASAP 
Konami explains Silent Hill: Book of Memories delays 
Xbox 360 holiday bundles are $50 off in the U.S. 
Activision set to introduce season pass for Black Ops II 
PS All-Stars Battle Royale beta begins this week 
21 Games! Second wave of Steam Greenlight titles revealed 
Fatshark details upcoming DLC for War of the Roses 
Hawken’s closed beta begins October 26 
Take a look at the insides of the Wii U 

Google celebrates Little Nemo’s 107th birthday
Jimquisition: Think of the Children!
Warning: this kids’ Spyro costume is f*cking nightmarish!

SimCity trailer teaches disaster preparedness 
This has to be the definitive Halo 4 multiplayer video 
Calling all Horse Lords! Riders of Rohan content released 
A rundown of the Mechromancer class in Borderlands 2 
Work-in-progress DayZ standalone screenshots show indoors 
Domino will be in the Deadpool game 
Feast your eyes on this Port Royale 3 art, mateys 
Flightless looks quacktastic, shooting for Steam release 

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