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A few weeks ago, I attended BitGen Gamer Fest: a day-long concert sponsored by MAGfest in Baltimore featuring artists such as Rare Candy, The Megas, The X-Hunters, and MegaRan, and hosted by brentalfloss. It was an awesome show, and between each act they showed old school video game commercials, as well as this short film featuring a few of the people who put on the show. It’s an odd little piece, but the effects are kind of cool. I’ve actually done a few short films with the guy who shot it.

Today on Dtoid, Jim gave us a much needed Jimquisition on DLC, Steven presented us with another tasty A la cartridge, Dale previewed Fantasia and Max:: The Curse of Brotherhood, Chris gave us his impressions of the console version of Diablo III, games were reviewed, a ton of videos from PAX hit, and much more happened on the 4th of September.

Destructoid Originals:
Jimquisition: Downloadable Discontent
Live show: Killer Is Dead full playthrough
A la cartridge: Rayman’s Legendary Chilaquiles

Community blogs of 9/4
Forum thread of the day: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Review: Outlast
Review: Hammerwatch

I want to marathon Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Fantasia: Music Evolved: Cutest Yetis Ever
Tales from the Crypt (of the NecroDancer)
Impressions: Diablo III (PS3, Xbox 360)

Videogame composer Tommy Tallarico to attend MAGFest
World of Tanks finals take place at PAX Prime 2013

Actual gang members bring Grand Theft Auto V to life
XCOM: Enemy Within ‘too big’ to be console DLC
Console war over: PS4 only supports four controllers
Microsoft turned down Heavy Rain because of kidnapping
Project Phoenix hitting stretch goals, getting detailed
Final Fantasy XIV server issues: Square didn’t expect you
Xbox One launches November 22
Practice using vehicles in Battlefield 4’s test range

PAX highlight: Olimeat and Porkmin
Dragon Con’s 2013 amazing cosplay in motion

You can use the original starters in Pokemon X and Y
We used the GamePad to pet a dino in Super Mario 3D World
Snapping necks in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer
Imagination Is The Only Escape returns on Indiegogo
We’re still making up our minds on Wind Waker HD
WayForward’s Kickstarting Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
You can’t talk about Bayonetta 2 without mentioning hair
Knack is conceptually sound, but lacking in execution
LocoCycle is more fun than it might initially look
Dying Light is surprisingly fun, and pretty damn intense
Lightning still has no personality in Final Fantasy XIII
Let’s take a look at XCOM: Enemy Within’s gameplay

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