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Look for BioShark on a Xbox Live game near you!

We brought you a look at the new DLC for Borderlands, Tweet to win some Left 4 Dead health packs, 3D Dot Games Heroes gets an optional install, check out what’s new in Command & Conquer 4, and more happened on 02/19/10.

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Win a custom Left 4 Dead health pack!
Strike a pose, win rare Muscle March-themed Wii
Win an-all-expense paid trip to PAX East thanks to Two World II

Valve ‘sure’ it’ll develop for PS3 in the future
Ubisoft tries to defend its crappy PC DRM
GoldenEye 64 multiplayer maps coming to Perfect Dark XBLA
Rock Band DLC: HIM, Marilyn Manson, The Police, and more
New Twisted Metal! Jaffe: ‘Soon bitch!’
ESRB: God of War III has topless maidens
ESRB outs PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap
Sony patents controller that works with Wii/Xbox 360
3D Dot Game Heroes gets OPTIONAL PS3 install!
Rolando 3 canned because of ngmoco’s free-to-play model
Remedy explains why Alan Wake isn’t coming to PC
Metro 2033 to ship with Steamworks
GameStop: Heavy Rain pre-order DLC delayed
Alan Wake dev has no plans to revisit Max Payne
Prison Break game to feature face-stomping mini-game!?
Even more people downloaded the Bad Company 2 demo
Buy PSPgo, get LittleBigPlanet or Assassin’s Creed free
Greed Corp out on XBLA and PSN next week


Halfbrick’s Rocket Racing delayed to March, new trailer
AOU 2010: Metal Gear Arcade in 3D, with head sensors
Yakuza 4 trailer: Too much badass for one sitting
Dead or Alive Paradise trailer introduces girls, games
Molyneux calls himself a ‘talentless bastard’
The less you know before playing Cream Wolf, the better
AOU 2010: Sega brings Project DIVA Arcade in a big way
New Command & Conquer 4 trailer brings on the cinematics
Project Offset sighting: Yep, another tech demo
Meow: Blade Kitten bares its claws in first video
New Dead of Alive: Paradise screens to masturbate over
Meet Dragon Age’s Sigrun, a lady dwarf
Pre-order Bad Company 2 PC, get Battlefield 2142 free

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