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[“Destructoid – Max Scoville vs Tara Long” by LegionWings]

No snark remarks from me today. I’m just here to wish two very talented people the best of luck in their careers.

I met Max and Tara for the first time during E3 2011. Max and I actually shared a room at a very shady Howard Johnson in the middle of Koreatown, with non-functioning air conditioning and bedsheets of suspect cleanliness. But we made the most of it — our room number was 310, so we dubbed it the “3:10 to Yuma” Room.

I didn’t see Tara as much that week, but I did get the chance to chat a few times and share some laughs. She was there that final day when those of us that hadn’t flown home yet all watched Rollerball on TV and tore it to shreds. Good times were definitely had.

I know they aren’t gone gone, but their direct connection with Dtoid is no more. For that, I am sad. I get sad whenever one of our own moves on, especially considering that I only get to hang with these people once a year, twice if I’m lucky.

We’ll miss you, guys! Peace!

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