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There’s a demo for No More Heroes on the PSN right now. I’m looking forward to it but what about you? Have you tried the demo yet?

In other news, Nintendo dropped the price in all regions and it’s going for $169.99 in America. Early adopters who already own the 3DS will be given ten free NES and ten free Game Boy Advance games to make up for the $80 drop. Pretty insane for such a fast price drop, especially from Nintendo.

Destructoid Original:
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Downloadables: Crashing the castle party

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Mass Effect 2 add-ons go cheap on Xbox Live
Nintendo downloads: Golf … in THREE DEEEEEEE!
No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise demo on PSN now!
Modern Warfare 3 New York attack ‘very different’ to 9/11
Saints Row: The Third to get a year of DLC after launch
3DS price cut: Nintendo worried fans will lose trust
THQ shelves Red Faction franchise due to bad performance
From Dust PC requires online connection to play (Update)
Nintendo posts huge loss in first quarter
Nintendo 3DS goes $169, old customers get 10 free oldies
Analysts say Vita pushed Nintendo to drop 3DS price
Violence, unoriginal games make Pokemon director ‘sad’
PC and PlayStation Network get Annihilation for Black Ops
Square Enix: Wii U needs a strong launch lineup
Resistance 3 public beta early access starts August 4
Free App of the Day: Robokill
Supremacy MMA announced for PS Vita
Dev backs up PS Vita RAM cut rumor
Desert Zombie bringing zombies and the desert to iOS
SpecialEffect and the plight of the disabled gamer
Operation Moonfall plans to get Majora’s Mask on 3DS
Upcoming Duke Nukem Forever PC patch outlined
Nintendo selling 3DS at a loss after price cut
Capcom sales dropped, but profit is up 58%
Dino D-Day goes free for the weekend!
Ubisoft says its DRM is a ‘success’ (so suck it)
Three canceled Sony games from Sony Santa Monica revealed

A documentary about gaming culture is happening now
Signed Tetris Mega Drive cart priced at $1 million

Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 7 out this holiday
Latest SSX screenshots are all about Psymon
Metro: Last Light gets second gameplay video
Latest RAGE dev diary takes a look at the enemies
New features in ESPN for Xbox Live update, coming Aug. 25
Pre-order to get your Persona 2: Innocent Sin music CD

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