The Daily Hotness: Baccano! Fantasy VII

As a fan of both Baccano! and Final Fantasy VII, I got a kick out of this fan-made crossover. Also, Persona 4: The Golden Japanese release date was announced! And my Vita arrives tomorrow!

Today, Jim reviewed some games that people had high hopes for while Alasdair Duncan reviewed a game with sheep in it, Jonathan Holmes talked to developers behind Bit.Trip Complete about a post-nubaggedon apocalypse on ‘Sup, Holmes?, a smorgasbord of previews went up for various neat-looking games, and more!

Destructoid Original:
Live show: Asura & Syndicate full runs on Mash Tactics
All items in the Destructoid store now on sale!
Team Fortress 2sdays: Big love
Bit.Trip devs on the $.99 app-ocalypse and making an RPG


Community blogs of 2/21
Forum thread of the day: Sh*t People say on Facebook
Beginnings: Put it on the pizza

Review: Syndicate
Review: Home Sheep Home 2: A Little Epic
Review: Asura’s Wrath


Impressions: Wakfu open beta with exclusive video!
Preview: SSX is looking totally gnarly
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a big sequel
Make the shot you want in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
Preview: Four reasons to check out Anomaly Warzone Earth

The Secret World launches June 19
Sony: Long-term plans will avoid PSP-like game droughts
Sony patents a Kinect-like device
SSX demo now on Xbox 360, PSN later today
Welp: Naughty Dog has no plans for Vita games
GameStop closes Facebook store
Microsoft cares about Xbox Live Indie Games again
PS Vita firmware update 1.61 released
Ubisoft and GREE partner for Assassin’s Creed mobile game
Skyrim Interactive Map App now available on iTunes
PS Vita 3G systems can receive text messages
BioWare issues statement in support of Jennifer Hepler
Alan Wake PC vs Xbox 360: Gah! So pretty on max settings
Dood: 10 million hours of Disgaea 3 have been played
Skyrim Beta update fixes several Workshop bugs
Dungeons & Dragons PC classics are on sale at
Xbox Live Marketplace mistake outs Mass Effect 3 DLC
Nintendo approaches media distributors for Wii U content
Street Fighter X Tekken gets 12 new characters on PS Vita


Wouldn’t real-life GoldenEye just be the original movie?


Mass Effect 3 CG trailer gets an extended cut
Oh look, a new Inversion trailer
Atlus confirms Persona 4 Arena for US release this summer
New Xenoblade Chronicles trailer prefaces April release
Spec Ops: The Line now set for release in late June
PGA Tour 13’s Tiger Legacy Challenge makes you go ‘awww’
Good People Die, the sequel to 999, is coming to America
Traditional RTS and MOBA merge in Sins of a Dark Age
Woo! Persona 4: The Golden out on Vita this June 14th

Steven Hansen