The Daily Hotness: A fat cat has all the money

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There is absolutely no connection to that headline and anything that happened today. It’s just an adorable cat holding onto a bunch of cash. 

Today we have a new episode of Podtoid, some extras from the DTOID show, Rift has gone free-to-play, people will be watching other people play Madden, a guy tap dances to the Mario theme, and the Mass Effect novel has a bunch of errors in it.

Destructoid Original:
Podtoid 187: The Rosa Parks of Penises
DTOID Extra: Getting tactical in Syndicate
DTOID Extra: Mortal Kombat rips the PS Vita a new one!
Developing Binary Domain for the western market
The DTOID Show: Anthony Carboni’s American Nightmare

Community blogs of 2/1
Forum thread of the day: Tribes: Ascend (AKA Space Quidditch)
Location: You’re such a beach!

Get your Starhawk beta code here!

Preview: Mortal Kombat Vita has more ways to Finish Him

Come duke it out at Capcom’s Fight Club tomorrow 

Rift Lite launches today, play the first 20 levels free
Bastion is half off this week on Xbox Live
Darksiders prequel novel and lore bible incoming
Kaz Hirai to take over as Sony CEO in April
Fans correct a ton of errors in bad Mass Effect novel
Jimmy Urine doing music, voiceover for Lollipop Chainsaw
Rhythm Heaven Fever launch event in LA at iam8bit
Syndicate will NOT be using an online pass
Creator of Lodoss War to write Dragon’s Dogma tie-in
SoulCalibur V: Why Natsu replaces Taki 
Madden Bowl XVIII to be broadcast on Xbox Live 
Gotham City Impostors due out next week
Club Nintendo’s 3DS Card Case 18 is nice, customizable
THQ lays off 240, board of directors takes 50% pay cut 
Your new February Club Nintendo games are here
The Simpsons Arcade Game hits XBLA and PSN soon
BioWare announces the first SWTOR Guild Summit
‘Rise of the Martian Bear’ out now for Iron Brigade

Max Payne (and others) derezzed for 8-bit home computers
Super Mario World theme for piano and tap dance
Take a chance with this Russian roulette Kinect hack
D-Arts Zero Type 2 figure will cut you, mang

New Syndicate co-op video shows us how it’s done
Dragon’s Dogma gets a story trailer full of dragons
New Persona 4: The Golden screenshots are…uh…
Skyrim’s Creation Kit is awesome, way over my head
Syndicate’s Dart 6 allows you to grief your enemies

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