The 3DS is Nintendo’s eighth system to sell 15 million units in the US


Nintendo has informed Destructoid that the 3DS is now its eighth platform in the publisher’s history to sell 15 million units in the US. It’s taken since March 27, 2011 to reach that mark, but due to a constant renewed interest in the 3DS and multiple remodels, it is still very much a relevant part of the industry. That aforementioned best-selling platform list includes the NES, SNES, the Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, the DS, and the Wii.

It’s a pretty great success story overall, especially if you can recall the 3DS’s dismal launch. I remember when it barely had any games, and the only real hope for the future was Ocarina of Time 3D. Slowly but surely though it acquired quite the library, developed the eShop with strong first- and third-party titles, and killed it with amazing games like Super Mario 3D Land.

Chris Carter
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