That Tron runner false starts on Xbox, pushed back two weeks

PC and PS4 are a-go, though

A new Disney-made Tron game came out today on two of its three scheduled platforms. The cheekily (or annoyingly) named Tron Run/r released as planned on PC and PS4. The Xbox One version suffered a seemingly significant setback, though.

As noted by the keen eyes at Pure Xbox, the Tron runner has now been moved to March 1 on the Xbox website. While it was up but unavailable to purchase or download earlier today, it now simply says “coming soon.” There’s no indication as to why one platform was delayed by two weeks, but not the others.

For the two platforms that did launch, Disney put out a trailer. It’s largely predicated on the infinite nature of endless runners. Oh, and inevitable failure. That too.

This game is new on PS4 and has a price point of $19.99. On PC, it has been in Early Access for a little while, and is set at a cheaper $9.99. We should be spending some time with it in the near future and we’ll let you know our thoughts as soon as possible.

Tron Run/r [Xbox via Pure Xbox]

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