That Metroid 2 3DS remake? It’s getting two new amiibo, one is squishy

We’re the amiibo news network now

Uh, it’s officially amiibo day.

In all we got confirmation of nine amiibo (four for Breath of the Wild, three for Mario Odyssey, and now, two for Metroid: Samus Returns). One is a “squishy” amiibo of the titular creature, and another is based on Samus’ Metroid 2 pose. Nintendo declined to comment on the functionality, but said that the OG Samus and Zero Suit Samus figures would work too.

All of this is capped by a special edition, featuring a 25-track OST and a reversible cover. Yowza! They’re actually doing something Metroid related that isn’t a throwaway spinoff.

Chris Carter
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