That big Metroid Dread difficulty update is live, here are the patch notes

Metroid Dread difficulty update

Rookie and Dread

The Metroid Dread difficulty update is here, addressing some criticism for the game from all sides of the spectrum.

Announced during the Nintendo Direct, the new update (2.0!) is out, and the full patch notes are available. It turns out there are a few extra things beyond the two modes, so let’s dig in real quick.

The most important/fully-featured bit is Rookie Mode, which is described as a “mode suited towards new players.” Items heal more, bosses deal less damage, bosses are easier to fight in general, you get more missiles to start with, and boss countering (melee) is simpler. A lot of the mode is tuned toward boss fights, actually! But the healing and missile count will help overall.

Dread Mode is a “one-hit” death mode (from any damage source), and can only be unlocked after you clear hard: so don’t expect to play it right away. Both difficulties can be chosen from the new game screen.

Beyond that, you get more info/stats after finishing the game, with the caveat that you need to start a brand new game after the update to see it. In other words, if you have a save at the last boss, then finish it, you won’t get the new stats. Several bugs have been fixed too.

That’s quite a “2.0!”

Metroid Dread difficulty update patch notes:

Ver. 2.0.0 (Released February 9, 2022)

New Difficulties Available
  • “ROOKIE MODE” has been added to the game. This is a mode suited towards new players, with the following adjustments:
    • Dropped items from enemies now replenish greater amounts when picked-up.
    • Damage received from Boss attacks has been lowered.
    • Destructible Boss projectiles have been made easier to break than usual (excluding some attacks).
    • Increased number of missiles available when beginning game.
    • Made the finishing counters when defeating some Bosses easier to perform.
      • Selected when starting a New Game, and choosing “SELECT DIFFICULTY”.
  • “DREAD MODE” has been added to the game. This is an extremely high-difficulty mode, where any damage taken from enemies or traps will lead to an instant Game Over.
    • Can be selected after clearing HARD MODE, when beginning a New Game, and choosing “SELECT DIFFICULTY”.
New Details Added to Results Screen
  • Several new details have been added to the results screen that appears after clearing the game. These new details will not appear, however, for game files that were started prior to updating the game.
General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Samus sliding down a surface and touching a frozen enemy would force the game to close, after the message “The software was closed because an error occurred” appears.
  • Made several other fixes to improve playability and enjoyment of game.
Demo Update

The following updates to the “Metroid Dread DEMO” are also now available (Ver. 2.0.0).

  • The scale of the playable area has been expanded, with the Corpius boss fight now being available.
  • Added “ROOKIE MODE”, a mode suited towards new players, where dropped items from enemies now replenish a greater amount, and bosses’ attack power has been lowered.
    • Added “SELECT DIFFICULTY” options when beginning the demo.
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