TGS 09: New cars announced for Forza Motorsport 3

Celebrating the Japanese drift racing spirit, Microsoft and developer Turn 10 have revealed a set of new Japanese cars available in Forza Motorsport 3 at Tokyo Game Show. Additionally, they announced that the popular Fumiji Kaido track from the first game will be making its illustrious return, after being left out of Forza 2.

This time around, it’s ten miles of both circuits and point-to-point stages along the back of the mountain, making for an authentic downhill drift kind of vibe altogether. To that end, Forza 3 also lets you score Drift Points at al times — even in multiplayer — and reflects that info on the leaderboard.

Hit the jump for the new car reveal list and head over to for more info.

New cars revealed this week:

  • 2003 Honda S2000
  • 1997 Mazda RX-7
  • 2004 Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed
  • 1992 Nissan Silvia CLUB K’s
  • 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec 
  • 1994 Nissan Silvia K’s
  • 1995 Nissan GT-R V-spec
  • 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R
  • 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II
  • 1985Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
  • 1992 Toyota Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo
  • 1998 Toyota Supra RZ
Topher Cantler