Team Asobi’s next project will be its ‘biggest’ to date

Astro hugging a DualSense controller

The studio is ramping up even more

Team Asobi seems to have big plans on the horizon. In the wake of launching its latest game, Astro’s Playroom, as a PlayStation 5 pack-in title, its next project will be its biggest one yet.

In a new interview with, creative and studio director Nicolas Doucet talks about some of what Asobi’s been up to post-Playroom. Team Asobi is looking to keep tooling around with the DualSense, a key part of Astro’s Playroom. And it’s also looking to expand in scope, too.

Doucet says Asobi’s next game will follow in the footsteps of its previous games, will be a full-blown commercial title, and will be the “biggest to date” for the studio.

The team at Asobi has been steadily expanding, going from 35 to 60 members. Doucet expects that number to reach around 100. And the makeup is largely Japanese, which Doucet says the team wants to reflect in the games they make.

“We want to make sure that when people play our games that there is a feeling, and you can’t quite put your finger on it, that it’s made in Japan,” said Doucet. You can find the full interview with GIbiz here.

Astro’s evolution

Team Asobi has been on a steady rise for some time. Astro Bot Rescue Mission was considered one of the better PlayStation VR games around. And Astro’s Playroom was a delightful pack-in console launch game. The platformer harbored tons of nostalgia for the history of PlayStation and its hardware.

Doucet and the team at Asobi have a clear penchant for working with the nuances of Sony’s hardware. The studio lead says there’s an extra team on the side at Asobi, always working on the technology and R&D. Where Asobi goes with the DualSense and its next big project, its biggest yet, will be exciting to see.

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