Surviving Mars is free on Epic now, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is free next week

I have a hard enough time Surviving Earth

Time to file another story to “Free games that are actually good, and you should probably queue them up now even if you don’t have time to play them because maybe you’ll want to get to them someday.” Wordy tag!

The free game of the week on the Epic Games Store is Surviving Mars, the Paradox-published 2018 city builder about colonizing Mars. Additionally, the Space Race add-on is also free. Go spend some time on the fourth rock from the sun. Here’s where you can pick it up.

Next week, Epic leans into the Halloween spirit. Both Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Observer will be free. Perfect games for this time of year. Plus, it gives anyone who just got done with Control a great excuse to revisit some of Remedy’s older stuff.

Surviving Mars [Epic Games Store]

Brett Makedonski
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