Supercard is sure their flashcard will work in 3DS

Now, before you get too excited, they’re not sure about the ROM storage bit yet. No word on the illegal stuff other than some bragging about how they already understand how piracy blocking on the 3DS works. But they are pretty sure you’re going to be able to use the other features the card provides through the 3DS and its DS emulation. You’ll be able to do something, they say.

According to tinycartridge, the Chinese company believes the onboard CPU in its DSTWO cart, which allows for Xvid/Divx playback and improved GBA/SNES emulation, will help them beat whatever protection the 3DS throws their way. I’m not sure how they know this. 

To me, this sounds like a bit of ass coverage for the newly announced anti-piracy measures for the 3DS by Supercard. Either way, they say that they’ll work to defeat the 3DS’s protections as soon as the system is available to the public. 

Dale North