Super Mario Galaxy prologue video. The flying ships are back!

Everything is just all happiness and smiles for Mario and the Toad people when all of a sudden, BAM! The town gets attacked by none other than Bowser and … HOLY SH*T! IT’S THE FLYING WAR SHIPS! No idea if you’ll be actually able to fight on the ships (like in SMB 3) but just seeing them and hearing the Warship theme brought a splash of retro joy to my blackened heart.

I also liked the fact that when Mario runs by the Toads, what they say automatically pops up rather than you having to press a button to talk to them everytime. The video then goes on to show Bowser summoning a space ship and then taking the Princess’s castle into outer space. The prologue ends with Magikoopa swooping down and blasting Mario off of the castle. 

Turns out Sir David has known about this since he “hacked” the game at Leipzig. Also, I am official excited for this game now. 

Hamza Aziz