Study: Brits worried about 3DS eye strain and price tag

A new poll by Voucher Codes reveals that, despite the 3DS’ potential to be a British record-breaker, there’s an undercurrent of cynicism from the console-buying public, with a third worried about damaging their eyes and over half unhappy with the price tag.

37% of the 3,000 polled feared that the system’s 3D gimmickry would harm their eyes, with Nintendo’s own publicity-saving health warning causing the most concern. A more considerable 66% of consumers noted their unhappiness with the console’s price tag of £219.99, while 34% were irked by the “lackluster” battery life

On the bright side, 19% of them were pleased with the system’s 3D camera!

With the 3DS already topping Nintendo’s pre-order records in the UK, this poll seems to indicate that, even if a significant portion of Brits are concerned, it won’t stop them from getting swept up in the hype and getting their hands on new technology. Hell, you could tell people that the iPhone is coated in a thin film of pure AIDS and people would still buy one. A little thing like blindness won’t stop anybody.

Jim Sterling