Strip and get your poke on with Fire Emblem Fates characters

Who needs a stylus anyways?

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The Japanese version of Fire Emblem Fates — called Fire Emblem If there — is available to purchase as of yesterday and new information and spoilers are starting to pour out. If you consider minor features of a game to be a spoiler, divert your eyes now. 

Characters can be stripped down to their skimpy undies when shopping for accessories, and players can adjust the camera to get just the right angle to see some underboob. Fates also has a mode where you can interact with your characters via touching them, much like you could with your Pokemon in recent games. If the main character has an S-rank relationship with the character getting molested, they can say some pretty suggestive and sexual phrases, which is kind of sexy creepy since the party is partially made up of your in-game siblings. 

Lewd Fire Emblem Fates Dialogue, Stripping, Touching Found [Nintendo News]

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