Street Fighter V final update teases balance overhaul and fun filters

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This is the Last Rouuuund…

And so, this is it. After six years of tumultuous fighting action, Street Fighter V is preparing for its last round as a premier fighting game favorite — To this end, Capcom has released a new trailer teasing the game’s final update — bringing with it a major balance overhaul, as well as a few other fun features.

The meat of the new update will see exciting new gameplay options presented to almost every character on the roster. More than just a few simple frame tweaks, the changes detailed in the video below will open up a host of previously impossible opportunities to the cast of World Warriors — from character beginners to their most expert players.

The changes range from new link options and moves cancels, to amazing inclusions such as new target combos, new EX effects, a re-stand ability for Juri, an OTG from throw for Rose, and additional charge options for Gil’s projectiles. Some of these tweaks will truly shake up SFV‘s gameplay for its twilight year, and one can’t help but wish that some of these ideas were implemented long ago.

The tweet below, posted by FGC veteran HiFight, breaks down some of the featured balance changes.

In addition to the fresh round of balancing, Street Fighter V is receiving two new visual filters. The first is a crisp ‘n’ sexy “Cel-Shaded” affair, which gives the characters a new look similar to that featured in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A second “pixel” filter will bedeck the characters in an eye-searing CRT style, reminiscent of Street Fighters of yore. It appears that these filters are for offline use only.

Each character will receive a full range of color options for the “Track Suit” skin. While not the most exciting of in-game costumes, the Track Suit is a very popular, and oft-seen skin in online unranked fights, so it’s great to see a full palette of color options for the velour nightmare. Finally, several in-games tunes are set to receive “Cap-Jams” remixes.

Street Fighter V‘s “Definitive Update” will launch on PlayStation and PC platforms March 29.


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