Street Fighter IV and a few others join the Xbox One backward compatible list

Plain old Street Fighter IV

I didn’t leave out a word there! The Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter IV — that’s vanilla, not Super — is now playable on Xbox One should you ever have the burning desire to open up that time capsule.

Oh, the memories. I peeked inside my game case just to make sure the disc was actually still in there (it is, and heavily scratched), and I also found an insert for a Street Fighter IV-branded Visa debit card.

Other recent backward-compatible additions include Poker Smash, Luxor 2, and Madballs in Babo: Invasion. Some or all of these names might sound like gibberish, but don’t write everything off yet.

While Street Fighter IV is seemingly the headliner here, I’d like to point out that Poker Smash is — or at least was, back when it first hit Xbox Live Arcade in 2008 — a cool little tile-matching puzzle game. With backward compatibility, my Xbox One’s ready-to-install list is full of these easily forgotten gems.

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