Street Fighter 6 fans collectively ‘D’awww’ for Cammy and her cat pal

street fighter 6 cammy cat sf6 video

Showdown with Lili & Salt on the cards?

While Capcom’s upcoming scrapper Street Fighter 6 is already getting chests puffed out and shoulders heaved way ahead of its June launch, fans from all walks of life seemed to take time out yesterday from all the smack-talkin’, hitboxin’ controversies to collectively fall in love with Delta Red agent Cammy White and, in particular, her new cat pal.

Cammy, who has been depicted as having an affinity for moggies ever since her 1994 Super Street Fighter II debut, takes her love of feline friends one step further in Street Fighter 6, with an as-yet-unnamed kitty that appears with her on the character selection screen, chilling out and wanting food, because all cats are constantly hungry 24/7.

However, in a clip captured by myself during my recent playtime with a full build of SF6, We see Cammy’s kitty has taken to interrupting her glory moments, leaping onto the battlefield mid-fight in order to brush up to her and Demand Pets. While Cammy’s trademark stoicism is apparent, she cannot help herself, and squats down to stroke Mr. Mittens, (my name, not Capcom’s), before regaining her deadly composure for the next round.

The video has been extremely popular, with even Cammy’s own voice actor Caitlin Glass declaring her love for Street Fighter‘s new four-legged superstar. One cannot help but wonder whether Cammy and her friend must now do battle with Tekken‘s Lili and her new moggie, Salt. This is the real reason we need to see the return of Tekken vs. Street Fighter. A gen-you-ine Meow Mix.

Street Fighter 6 launches June 2 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. Please take some time to check out my preview of the full build. A look at the terrifying online tyrant, JP, The 50 things I loved about the beta, as well as my 10 suggestions for DLC characters.

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