Stella Glow coming to Europe spring 2016

Better late than never

Stella Glow is coming to Europe next spring, NIS America has announced.

The strategy role-playing game is the last effort from Japanese studio Imageepoch, which closed its doors back in May after filing for bankruptcy. Sega released the developer’s swan song in Japan the following month, selling just over 13,000 copies at retail during its opening weekend.

Atlus confirmed the Nintendo 3DS exclusive for a North American release this holiday, and gave us a quick peek at the title behind closed doors at E3. The build we saw was unlocalized and, again, it was just the briefest of glimpses, but I left convinced Stella Glow was something to keep my eye on.

The writers seem to have a good handle on anime tropes, stringing one into the next in such hilarious fashion that the characters might as well be turning to the screen and winking at the player.

For example, Stella Glow‘s synopsis boils down to a boy’s village being destroyed by a witch hell-bent on ending the world. Of course, he survives, and after a scene ripped straight out of Attack on Titan, joins a group of knights to set out on a quest and save the day.

Beyond that, apparently a 40+ hour adventure from the makers of the Luminous Arc series awaits. 

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