Starfield player goes on a spacewalk and explains how to do it

Forget maidenless, we’re now shipless

Starfield player flies in space without a ship

As you probably know by now, Starfield sends you on beautiful, zero-gravity voyages across the galaxy, but there are some limitations. You can’t seamlessly travel from planet to planet as you would in No Man’s Sky, and you can’t glide through space without a ship like in Outer Wilds — until now.

Reddit user u/WeirdConcern4666 managed to break into Starfield’s final frontier, which isn’t actually space. Rather, it’s the door that prevented players from floating around in the abyss, wearing only their protective suits.

Perhaps the game didn’t intend to let players float shiplessly about, but it doesn’t seem to break Starfield, either. Using console commands, players can propel themselves through the dark, and it both looks and feels surprisingly great for an unintentional, forced feature. Plus, it seems to work without mods.

Going shipless: Try your own Starfield Spacewalk

Want to do the same? WeirdConcern4666 also shared the details on how he did it:

Open the game’s console (either by pressing @ or the \ key), then type the following commands:

player.setpos x 10
setgravityscale 0

He advises players to use the commands from the cockpit and not while piloting the ship. Then, to return things to their normal state, players only need to scan and teleport back to the ship. Finally, open the console and type the command:

setgravityscale 1

And that might not be all

WeirdConcern4666 didn’t stop at merely setting foot where no human had before. He claims he also set up shop in a place where nobody’s ever lived before. After flying about through asteroids, he decided the rocks would make for a good home and claims he settled an outpost there.

The folks at Rock Paper Shotgun followed his instructions and confirmed you can spacewalk in Starfield. However, they couldn’t build anything on asteroids as they seem to only feature collision physics when in contact with a spaceship. The player’s model just goes through them as if they’re not there.

Regardless, even if you can’t build a proper base on an asteroid, this discovery paves the way for interesting mods that send Starfield players on new adventures. Maybe one day we’ll actually see someone finally land on Saturn and prove that the guy complaining about Starfield’s gas giants was right all along.

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