Starfield has over six million players already
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Starfield has surpassed six million players, marking Bethesda’s biggest launch yet

The hype train has turned into a hype spaceship.

Bethesda’s sci-fi epic Starfield has managed to cross over six million players in less than a week. Xbox confirmed the news on X (Twitter) Thursday morning. The company said that it’s the “biggest Bethesda game launch of all time.”

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Xbox has struggled to get a massive hit for the Xbox Series X and S platforms. Halo Infinite ran into issues as players found the progression system lacking. Meanwhile, titles like Redfall failed to hit fan and critic expectations. Starfield garnering over six million players is likely some much-needed positive news for the Xbox team.

Starfield memo Todd Howard sent to Microsoft, Xbox, and Bethesda
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Starfield was originally going to be released on November 11, 2022, but was pushed back to September 5. While there are still bugs to find in the sci-fi game, it performs arguably better than past Bethesda titles. It seems like the delay helped, at least. We here at Destructoid gave a 10/10 review for the game.

Starfield players are enjoying the game

So far, Starfield players have found all manner of easter eggs and splendid quests throughout the universe. You can find a baseball from Fallout 4‘s Diamond City. The Rank 4 Crippling Skill has a subtle reference to Skyrim with an arrow to the knee.

One of our writers Andrea Gonzales also found the relationship between your protagonist and their parents incredibly charming. “Starfield portrays the protagonist’s parents as a straight married couple, but they are probably more supportive than many who share that background,” said Gonzales. “It also potentially gives a clearer idea of who the protagonist is when considering other choices made for their backstory.” Despite how big the game is, there are a few important human elements that transcend this intergalactic experience.

Other Starfield players enjoy the creativity of the ship creation system. One person made the Planet Express ship from Futurama, for example. With six million other players in Starfield, there will likely be many, many more wild creations to be made.

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