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Top 5 coolest Easter eggs in Starfield

Your exploration and curiosity will be rewarded.

In the unfathomably vast reaches of Starfield, Bethesda has hidden more than a few Easter Eggs. Some are easy to find and they’ll be a treat for fans of the studio. Others are a little more obscure, though they’re still fun to discover.

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These are the coolest Easter Eggs uncovered in Starfield.

The Mantis Armor in Starfield
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5. Pop culture references

The Mantis mission is not to be missed, as it features a gripping story and you can score a good spaceship. You trigger it by finding the “Secret Outpost!” slate which will take you on a journey which has you learning about a forgotten group of humans looking for a new home. You’ll eventually find a lair belonging to Mantis the crime-fighter, which seems to be a reference to Batman.

There’s also a hilarious reference to the common extended warranty fraud scam. Hang around outer space and you might cross paths with some folks claiming they’ve been trying to contact you regarding your spaceship’s extended warranty. Don’t waste your money on it.

Fallout 4 reference in Starfield.
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4. Fallout reference

While you’re exploring Earth’s solar system, don’t forget to visit Titan, which is one of Saturn’s moons. There, you’ll find a museum that holds a baseball with a plaque reading “Playoff Baseball, Circa 1978 Old Earth Boston”, a reference to Fallout 4‘s Diamond City.

Rank 4 Crippling skill in Starfield.
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3. The Elder Scrolls references

Bethesda The Elder Scrolls is predictably referenced a few times. As many have already noticed, the image for the Rank 4 Crippling skill shows an arrow penetrating a knee. This is a cheeky reference to the Skyrim guards who mention that their adventuring days were cut short when they took an arrow in the knee.

Reddit user /u/Kinevi1 noticed that a Colonist NPC seems to reference the line too. The Adoring Fan also makes a return, and you can score the groupie by selecting the Hero Worshipped trait when creating your character.

Earth in Starfield.
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2. Surviving structures on Earth

Our planet isn’t in good shape in Starfield. The blue dot has turned into a dusty rock, leaving it inhospitable. There’s not much to do on Earth, though you can find a few manmade structures that have survived, including the Pyramids of Giza. To find the pyramids, visit Aquila City and pick up The Ancient Civilization of Egypt at the bookstore which will give you a mission to travel to Cairo.

You can also find London’s iconic Shard Tower, though erosion has damaged it plenty. Once again, you’ll have to visit Ahjong Sinclair’s bookstore in Aquila City. This time, purchase Oliver Twist. If you want to see the Empire State Building in New York, find the book titled “Our Lost Heritage” in the President’s Cabin in New Atlantis. This will place the marker in the right spot on Earth.

Apollo reference in Starfield.
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1. NASA’s Apollo missions

NASA gets more than a few nods in Starfield, which isn’t a surprise, as developers have described the game’s aesthetic as NASA punk. You’ll find a few references to the space organization’s Apollo program. In the Lodge, you’ll find a model of an Apollo spacecraft not too far away from the artifacts.

Travel to Earth’s moon, and you’ll also find a little USA flag referencing the 1969 moon landing. To get there, visit the Lodge and enter Matteo’s room. There, grab his journal to trigger the “Visit the Apollo Landing Site” mission. This will pinpoint the landing location on Luna. From this point, just grav jump there and land at the quest marker.

It’s worth exploring Starfield‘s expansive universe, as there is a lot to find. As you collect more items, your character will become encumbered so it’s a good idea to invest in some skill points and upgrade your traits.

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