Stardew Valley 20 million

Stardew Valley hits the 20 million sold milestone: 13 million are on PC

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But I thought PC gaming was dying

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The Stardew Valley 20 million sold mark has been hit, as confirmed by the official website for the game: and 13 million of those sales were on PC. Please clap for a “dying” platform!

Seeing the sales climb to 20 million organically has been a ride. Six years ago it was at a budding one million. Just two years ago the game was at the 10 million mark. Eight months ago it hit 15 million. Now it’s here. It feels like it just came out and caught on like wildfire yesterday.

Okay, so using the following information, we can kinda-sorta break down per-platform info:

Recent data has not been provided for the PS4, Vita (RIP), or Xbox One platforms. But at roughly 1.5 million for PS4 and one million for Xbox One respectively, presuming a significant growth for Switch and mobile (to potentially two million each), that would approach the Stardew Valley 20 million mark.

Given the evergreen nature of the game and the inevitable second wind it will get after the launch of Haunted Chocolatier, this journey isn’t over yet.

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