StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void probably releasing in 2015

As a standalone expansion

StarCraft II fans, rejoice! The final part of the trilogy is “expected to release in 2015,” according to the latest financial report coming out of Activision. It notes that pre-purchases and a beta are already currently in progress, so the game must be somewhere close to release.

The game is different from previous expansion Heart of the Swarm, in that it is standalone; players won’t need to buy Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm to be able to play Legacy of the Void.

Legacy of the Void continues the story of StarCraft II from the perspective of the hyper-advanced Protoss species. It will include the full Protoss campaign as well as updates and new features to the multiplayer mode.

So if you’ve been waiting to grind your keyboard into a fine paste with your APM again, you might be able to in 2015. Considering this was the information told to investors, Activision must be confident that it will happen this year to ensure they remain happy.

Joe Parlock