Star Wars Battlefront’s much-needed offline multiplayer looks fab

Free update rolling out overnight

As of early tomorrow morning, Star Wars Battlefront will have something it probably should have had a long time ago but I’m still thankful to see now: offline play with cooperative support.

In the new Skirmish mode, you’ll be able to play alone or with a buddy in split-screen against AI bots in the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron game types. Much more enticing than the bare-bones offline offerings that were in the game at launch, in other words. Battlefront is gettin’ there.

How’s it look? Uh, got an hour? This extensive rundown from YouTube user BattlefrontUpdates covers the normal, hard, and master difficulty options as well as a round of split-screen versus in Walker Assault. There’s also a bunch of offline Fighter Squadron footage over here for you flyboys.

Long-time Battlefront fans, take special notice of the AI bot names. They should look familiar.

Star Wars Battlefront July Patch Update 7/21/16 (PS4, PC, & X1) [EA]

Jordan Devore
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