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Marvel Strike Force codes (April 2024)

Marvel Strike Force codes can give you free Power Cores and upgrade materials for your heroes!

Updated: April 12, 2024

We searched for the latest codes!

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As a Marvel fan, I really enjoyed Marvel Strike Force. The game is great for casual players who want to immerse themselves within their favorite heroic universe and fight villains. Each victory gives you upgrade materials and Power Cores, but you can also obtain those more easily with codes!

Marvel Strike Force codes got me out of several rough spots, thanks to the free goodies they provide! All you need to do is follow our tutorial below to learn how to redeem codes, and you can grab free Legacy Orb Fragments, Power Cores, and other useful items! If you want to explore the world of Devil May Cry after that, don’t skip our article with Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat codes and grab more freebies!

All Marvel Strike Force codes list

Active Marvel Strike Force codes

  • Night—Redeem for the Nightcrawler mode (Works only for Level 60+ accounts)
  • VENOMFREE—Redeem for Venom, 500 Power Cores, and 10k Premium Orb Fragments
  • WELCOME—Redeem for 20k Legacy Orb Fragments, 20k Legacy II Orb Fragments, and 20k Legacy III Orb Fragments
  • GAMBIT—Redeem for Gambit, 500 Power Cores, and 10k Premium Orb Fragments
  • CELEBRATE—Redeem for 2M Gold, 100 T4 Ability Material, and L4 Training Module
  • pool—Redeem for Deadpool, 500 Power Cores, and 10k Premium Orb Fragments

Expired Marvel Strike Force codes

  • There are currently no expired Marvel Strike Force codes.

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How to redeem codes in Marvel Strike Force

To redeem codes in Marvel Strike Force, follow the guide below:

How to redeem codes in Marvel Strike Force.
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  1. Open Marvel Strike Force on your device.
  2. Finish the tutorial.
  3. Go into Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Create an account or log into Scopely.
  5. Return to the settings and go into Redeem gift.
  6. Type the code into the text field.
  7. Tap Redeem and receive your rewards.

How to get more Marvel Strike Force codes

The best website to visit if you’re seeking Marvel Strike Force codes is this one. Save this article, and you can return to it whenever you want to check if we’ve added more codes. All the latest codes are available on our conveniently organized list, so you don’t have to bother looking for them on your own. Alternatively, you can look for them on the game’s official social media:

Why are my Marvel Strike Force codes not working?

Getting error messages when redeeming Marvel Strike Force codes can be exhausting to deal with. You might be experiencing issues because of typos. If you’ve been manually entering codes, try to copy/paste them instead. If you’re still running into the same error message, then the code has most likely reached its expiration date. Contact us if you find any expired codes, and we’ll add them to our list of outdated freebies.

Other ways to get free rewards in Marvel Strike Force

You’ll get a bunch of valuable materials by redeeming Marvel Strike Force codes, but this is not the only way of getting free rewards. When you start the tutorial, you’ll get Power Cores to do your first gacha summon for gold and a free character. The game also features daily rewards, which include memorable characters like Deadpool and more. Lastly, check the in-game mailbox to get more Power Cores as a welcome gift.

What is Marvel Strike Force?

Marvel Strike Force is an RPG mobile game set in the Marvel universe. You’ll start your quests with some of the most iconic superheroes of all time and then fight enemies to progress the story and earn loot. With the rewards you obtain in each level, you can upgrade your character and pull for more in the DRB Chamber. 

If you’re looking for codes for your other favorite mobile games, browse through the rest of our Codes section and find more useful freebies!

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