Staff from Lunar, Grandia, Shining games make a 3DS RPG

Lunar, Grandia and the Shining series. Those are some of the best games I can think of. I have a special soft spot for all, so you can understand why I’m excited that there’s an upcoming 3DS and PSP role-playing game coming from many of the creators of these games. 

The game is called UnchainBlades ReXX, and it’s coming to Japan on June 23. Siliconera says that it’s a 3D dungeon RPG with turn-based battles. In battle you can covert up to 16 monsters to join and follow your four-man party, making a 20 member party. 

The scenario designer is from the Grandia team, the director is famous for his work on Lunar, and the composer of the main theme is Nobuo Uematsu, the guy that made all of the great Final Fantasy music. Every main character has been designed by a different artist, all from these and other popular games. 

Pixazura has Famitsu scans if you’d like a better look. I think this game is sounding great already. Aside from the name, that is.

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