SSFIV: 3D to include the original’s roster, plus some

[Update: I totally miscounted how many characters were in Super Street Fighter 4 on the 360/PS3. I thought that there were 33, but clearly there are 35, which means that Super Street Fighter 4: 3D will have at least as many characters as the original. Hooray?]

There’s a lot of news in these two videos from the Super Street Fighter IV: 3D presentation at Nintendo World 2011: online spectator mode, Smash Bros.-style trophy collecting, and the inclusion of three costumes per characters is just the start of it. Out of all of it though, I think the biggest news here is that right off the bat, the game will have 35 selectable characters. That’s two more than Super Street Fighter IV on the 360/PS3, which confirms that this handheld version of Street Fighter IV will be the biggest to make it out of arcades.

We’ve had reason to believe that Yun and Yang (from Street Fighter III and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition) would be included in SSFIV:3D, so I guess this is even more reason to believe they could be in the game.  I’m also guessing that Evil Ryu and “the Akuma who shall not be named” will make it to the game in some way or another.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if there are even more unannounced characters on top of that. Since this could be the last Street Fighter IV, I’m betting that Capcom will want to go out with a bang (like they did with Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX on the PSP).

Jonathan Holmes
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