Splatterhouse: First image and details revealed

I hate 1UP right now, sitting on top of all that delicious Splatterhouse info and slowly distributing scraps to the masses like capricious Roman emperors from on high. Ah, screw it, I will take whatever I can get.

The above image is Rick’s new in-game look for the Xbox 360/PS3 resurrection of Splatterhouse. It’s a slight departure from the more blatant Voorhees rip-off, especially the Hulk Hogan arms, but I can dig it. It has a hyper-real look that should hopefully mean we’ve got some ridiculously over-the-top, cartoony gore to look forward to.

In addition, it has been revealed that Splatterhouse is to be developed by Bottlerocket, the team that brought us Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai. I wasn’t actually all that keen on Kri, but I know it’s considered a generally solid action game, so it’s good to see the team has had some success in the past when it comes to combat-driven gameplay. Finally, the game is due for release mid-2009.

That’s all they’ll tell us, the fiends. When EGM hits, someone be a dear and scan everything in for your humble, UK-bound writer, please.  

[Via AngelsDon’tBurn’s C-Blog]

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