Soul Hackers 2 shows off its twisted fates and fly fashions

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August is now well underway, and that means were are mere weeks out from the launch of the exciting-looking JRPG Soul Hackers 2. Publisher Atlus has dropped a brand new trailer for the stylish sequel, keeping fans teetering on high fervor ahead of the game’s official launch on August 26.

The trailer itself does not offer us any new information regarding features or mechanics, it is purely a contextless, narrative affair — its one-minute runtime packed out with more melodrama than you can shake a Sabbath at. Perhaps the one element that stands out the most in this short preview is just how damn good everybody looks. While Shin Megami Tensei is most certainly full of demon-hunting, world-ending plotlines, its various protagonists and antagonists are never too busy to ensure that they look sharp as all hell. It’s quite literally a franchise trademark at this point.

Soul Hackers 2 will tell the story of specialized “Data Agents” Ringo and Figue, who have been dispatched to Earth to track down Persons of Interest related to an incoming apocalypse. What will follow is a lot of high-drama, social engagement, dungeon-exploring, demon-gathering, and strategic, elemental combat, all dressed up in SMT‘s unmistakably excessive aesthetic. Soul Hackers 2, for lack of a better phrase, simply came out of nowhere. It was only announced five months ago, and now it is just three weeks away from launch.

At least nobody was kept waiting… It is the end of the world, after all.

Soul Hackers 2 launches August 26 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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