Sorry love: Super Smash scene in Spain may ban Bayonetta

Oh come now, Cheshire

Even with her very small nerf in the recent balance patch, most Super Smash Bros. players agree that Bayonetta is at least formidable. Now, a community in Spain is looking to ban her outright from upcoming tournaments.

A top player, Greward, notes that of over 400 in the community, only three actually main Bayonetta, and two of them agree she should be banned. He says that if she is allowed, since just 7% of those polled want her in, some folks would drop out of the scene “and the game,” which he doesn’t want.

According to him, “no other character is banned in Spain or has ever been in the history of Smash.” Well, that’s a pretty damning speech! I wonder if this will spur Nintendo into action to curb her abilities a tad more? Far be it from me to speak on the pro scene, but I think there’s plenty of other viable picks that can counter her.

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