Sony talks sh*t about 3DS technology

So, Nintendo murdered everyone at E3, not just with its rather terrifying selection of awesome games, but with its stunning 3DS demonstration. If you haven’t seen the thing in action, let me confirm that it’s pretty amazing stuff. Sony boss Kaz Hirai hasn’t seen the 3DS, but that didn’t stop him chatting sh*t about the technology behind it. 

According to Hirai, his company has already researched the prospect of “naked eye 3D for portables” and concluded that it “does not have high precision.” He added that Sony’s own brand of 3D, however, would “increase hardware sales” of the PlayStation 3. He confessed he hadn’t seen the 3DS in person, but his conclusion seems to be that the tech behind it doesn’t work, even though everyone who has seen the 3DS knows it works.

Sounds to me like somebody’s a little jealous at being upstaged. Hardly surprising, considering that 3D is Sony’s latest attempted trump card and nobody was talking about it on the showfloor because they were too busy gawping at the 3DS. Nevertheless, we all know Sony’s MO by now — talk trash about a product until they realize it’s successful, then copy it.

Expect a 3D PSP to arrive in the future and join the ranks of DualShock Controllers and PlayStation Move. Y’know, those other gimmicks that Sony said were crap before jumping on the bandwagon. 

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