Sony says that PS5 consoles will be ‘much easier’ to get this year

Supply has increased yet again

Since the PlayStation 5 launched over two years ago, it’s felt nearly impossible to get your hands on. Websites would sell out in minutes after a restock, and it quickly became something of a status symbol to flaunt on social media, because either you were lucky enough to get one during a drop, or you had enough disposable income to buy one off a scalper. The shortage occurred for a few different reasons, the foremost of which was the strain that the pandemic placed on global supply chains.

After multiple promises that the console would be more readily available, it appears that the shortage has finally come to a close. In an official blog post, Sony Interactive’s Vice President of Brand, Hardware, and Peripherals Isabella Tomatis thanked fans for their “patience as [Sony] navigated unprecedented demand for the PS5 console amid global challenges.” She then said that anyone who was still looking to get their hands on a PS5 should have a “much easier time finding one at retailers globally.”

Screenshot by Destructoid

Even after promises that they’d ramp up production by the end of last year for the holidays, Sony still had a tough time keeping the console on shelves in 2022. Of course, they gave us similar assurances even before that. I was fine without a PS5 to call my own for the past few years, but now that there are some next-gen games on the horizon that I’m actually pumped for, I’m wanting to get on the bandwagon relatively soon. The ever-popular digital-only version of the PS5 (which is also $100 cheaper than the model that can take disks) is still sold out as of my writing this, but at least there are some options available for purchase right now for players who have patiently waited years for their console.

Noelle Warner
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