Sony expected more PSPgo backlash than it received

The PSPgo. Most people in the gamer community are laughing and/or grimacing at it. A number of retailers around Europe are boycotting it for being expensive and attempting to diminish in-store revenue. Sony doesn’t mind, though, because it expected the negativity to be worse than it is. The publisher has said that it’s “really quite fine” with the hating.

“We were very aware of concerns when we went into it and I actually expected a lot more negative responses than we actually got,” says PSP UK product manager Claire Backhouse. “They were really quite fine with it. They see it as a way of getting people into the store because it’s new interest, a new product. And they’ve had such strong sales as well of PSP 3000 almost off the back of it.”

I’m not surprised PSP 3000 sales are up since the PSPgo was revealed, as Sony appears to be using the new PSP to make the old one look ten times better in comparison. Perhaps that’s the reason for the go’s existence, and Sony’s marketing department is more clever than anyone had ever anticipated. At least then it’d have a purpose.

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