Sony doesn’t believe in 3D handhelds

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Sony has revealed that it considered aping the 3DS‘ visual gimmickry for its upcoming PSP successor, but decided against it because 3D should be a shared, family experience. Apparently eyestrain headaches love company. 

“We view 3D as having the greatest potential, in the near term, in what I would call a dedicated entertainment environment,” said Sony Europe boss Andrew House. “That’s in the home, around the television, and where it’s a shared experience. I think that’s really important. We struggle a little bit to see how that 3D, shared experience translates to portable devices as they currently stand.” 

An official Sony statement claims that 3D was ignored in order to better focus on more important features: “In the development process, we had studied the possibility of introducing stereoscopic 3D feature to NGP, but decided not to install it. After careful consideration of our goal of offering users the ultimate portable entertainment experience with a revolutionary user interface we have decided to focus on the features and specs announced today first.”

So Nintendo can go suck a lemon, is what I’m getting from this.

Of course, Sony never seems to believe in things until they become successful, then we have Wii remote clones and rumble in our controllers. I’ll be surprised if, when the 3DS takes off, Sony doesn’t plan a new SKU with a conspicuously similar gimmick. 

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