Sonic Heardle is tougher than expected

Sonic Heardle

How well do you know Sonic the Hedgehog songs?

You know Wordle. You might also know Heardle and some of the other spin-offs depending on your social circles. But are you down for Sonic Heardle? Yes, a fan totally did it — they Sonic the Hedgehog-ified the internet’s recent guessing-game trend.

In this take on the music trivia game Heardle (as spotted by The Gamer), you have six guesses to figure out the day’s chosen song from the wide-ranging Sonic series. The prompt starts with the slimmest of audio snippets, and if you come up short with your guess — or are just plain stumped enough to skip it — you’ll hear a bit more of the music.

According to the creator of Sonic Heardle, @LaughAndPeace11, the “vast majority of [the songs] come from the games, unsurprisingly.” But there are also “a handful of songs from other adaptations (like SatAM and the OVA, among others) — in this case, I stuck to well-known tracks for the sake of fairness.” So you might need to dig surprisingly deep.

If this music challenge was strictly limited to Sonic zones, I’d maybe stand a chance. (Says the guy who gets tripped up on everyday five-letter words all the dang time.)

My Wordle streak ended at 92 in a row, and now I’m back on the grind. When it comes to the wide world of Sonic, I wouldn’t bet on myself — but it’ll be a funky bit of fun. There are Destructoid readers who could dominate this, though. I know you’re out there! Eric and I both gave today’s Sonic Heardle our best shot and had no clue. I felt like a boomer.

Sonic Heardle skipped
One guess left. Here goes nothing!

Clicking through to the new-to-me song’s SoundCloud page, one of the commenters admitted that they got today’s Sonic Heardle selection on their first try. “I feel sick,” they wrote. “This awful little blue man occupies 95% of the space in my brain.”

On that note, I still regularly think about that video game SFX quiz from a couple of years ago and would absolutely love to see a new (daily?) rendition. Please drive me crazy again.

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