Someone told me Pokemon’s Z-Ring was for kids, so I ordered one

I actually ordered it a while ago, but the point stands

Pokemon Sun and Moon is here today (it feels weird saying that), and you can order a whole lot of plastic junk to go along with it. It’s not DLC like anything in the Skylanders series or even amiibo, mind, it’s just a literal hunk of plastic that lights up every once in a while.

Yep, it’s none other than the Pokemon Z-Ring, which takes after the in-game item of the same name. With it you can place different crystals inside the ring (you get two with the ring, but the rest are sold separately of course!), and after using a Z-Move in Sun or Moon, it’ll flash.

As a reminder, Z-Moves have to be equipped by individual Pokemon, and can run from generic elemental abilities to creature-specific powers. They can only be used once per fight, even if you have every member of your party equipped with one. Dancing and doing the Super Sentai moves that your avatar does to trigger them is optional.

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