Someone crafted a makeshift pinball machine for the Switch

Cardboard, ho

Although it does take a bit of work, content creator Stemage has laid the foundation for a cheap, sub $30 custom pinball controller for the Switch on his YouTube channel.

In short he uses a docked switch on a vertical-facing television screen, an Amazon cardboard box, the cheapest Switch controller he could find, and a fight stick wiring kit. As seen in the video below it works, and there are a few pinball games to choose from, most notably Pinball FX3.

Stemage says that this is just a proof of concept, and he’ll build a legitimate cabinet for it eventually. His wishlist is for certain games to allow support for nudging with the d-pad (which would make the setup more authentic), and for pinball titles to support a vertical orientation option by default. Reasonable demands!

Chris Carter
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