Someone cracked the code on the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Yiga imposters and it’s fascinating

Breath of the Wild Yiga

Dana Carvey isn’t the only Master of Disguise

After encountering hundreds of Yiga clan members in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I never really thought twice about them. Well, justlookingfordragon did!

Amazingly, the entire exercise is framed as a self-imposed mission, as many Breath of the Wild activities often are. In this case, they opted to take photos of the Yiga clan imposters they find out on their travels, then track them down based on those photos. As they point out, “none of the Yiga impersonate ‘important’ characters: most are just wandering people with a couple lines of random dialogue.” This actually kind of fits with the theme of just blinding in by taking an ordinary person’s identity.

Breath of the Wild Yiga 2

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Yiga clan mystery solved

It turns out justlookingfordragons also seemingly figured out better ways to spot the Yiga imposters. They actually only double as Hylians or Hylian-adjacent races (which might be something you already noticed, but is nice to get confirmation on after all this research), and never take the identity of a child or an older resident (or any other race).

They even provided a helpful map (above) for spotting stationary Breath of the Wild Yiga clan members — and you can save and load using a campfire to reset them. If you’re remotely interested in how the Yiga clan operates, the breakdown is worth the full read. Hopefully they return in the sequel!

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