Smart! Dude turned Swapnote into an RPG

A few Twitter folks tweeted this bit of shining brilliance today. I checked it out. I wasn’t disappointed.

Game design student Ben Gray was having some fun with Swapnote on 3DS and decided to turn it into a full-fledged RPG à la Dungeons & Dragons. Well, not that full-fledged, but robust enough that you can customize each session with incredible detail and flair. Ben explains the rules in the video above, and he also provides a Dungeon Master template (included in the gallery below) for making maps and establishing conditions. He even advises using the sound clip attachment feature to add mood-setting narration or ambient noise!

This is really incredible. It’s so amazing to see what enterprising individuals can do with limited tools. Ben has turned a messaging app into friggin’ Dungeons & Dragons! That deserves at least a high five.

“Swapnote RPG” by Ben Gray [Tiny Cartridge]

Tony Ponce