Silent Hill is teaming with Vampyre Cosmetics for new… make-up line?

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Look as hot as The Nurse

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In an interesting, but somewhat unnerving, piece of merchandising, Konami has announced that it will be teaming with make-up, erm, maker Vampyre Cosmetics in order to produce a line of cosmetic products based upon the Drop Dead Gorgeous world of *checks notes* Silent Hill.

While absolutely no images or even hints were offered up as to what the line of items will include, the comical nature of a Silent Hill cosmetics line writes itself, given the series drab, grim, and disgusting look. Are you expecting a palette of rusted metals, fog greys, and rotted flesh reds? I kid, of course, but it will genuinely be interesting to see how the grisly, depressing world of Silent Hill is reproduced in a beauty line. Vampyre Cosmetics, as the name suggests, is pretty sharp at adapting the darker side of make-up, so I’m looking forward to seeing what is eventually produced.

This is, of course, a pretty big year for the missing-in-action survival horror franchise. As revealed during the Fall 2022 Silent Hill Transmission stream, there are currently multiple projects in production at Konami, including Christophe Gans’ live-action movie Return to Silent Hill, streaming series Silent Hill: Ascension, Annapurna spin-off Silent Hill: Townfall and, of course, Bloober Team’s incoming remake of 2001 classic Silent Hill 2. So you can paint yourself up in the new line of Vampyre Cosmetics, and perhaps, if your make-up skills match mine, you can be the scariest thing in town.

Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PS5 and PC.

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