Developers squad up for streaming RPG Silent Hill: Ascension

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Mysterious community-focused RPG

During yesterday’s veritable banquet of Silent Hill news and reveals, Konami teased a mysterious new project that will see developers and fans party together to develop, alter, and shape the outcome of a story set within the traumatic, fog-filled town and its wider canon universe at large.

Coming across as something of a modern take on the Alternate Reality games of yore, Silent Hill: Ascension will task its users will following an original storyline and making choices and decisions that will be reflected in the movements, actions, and fates of its characters. As such, it is hoped that the community will be able to feel a part of a living and evolving Silent Hill storyline, responsible for shaping its protagonists and leading them to glory… or… well…

This ambitious project is the child of a party of well-known gaming and media studios, including Genvid, Bad Robot, Dj2 Entertainment, and Behavior Interactive — the horror aficionados behind the popular asymmetrical title Dead by Daylight. While details are a little sketchy at this early stage, Silent Hill: Ascension is certainly an intriguing prospect, looking to blend the themes of the popular survival horror series with the gameplay of a tabletop role-playing game and presented on modern streaming media.

Should this ambitious experiment prove successful, it is very easy for one to imagine other publishers embarking on similar projects with their own horror and adventure IPs.

Silent Hill: Ascension is currently in development with an estimated 2023 launch window.

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