Should you run the Blissey Raid Event in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet?

It’s free Tera Shards

If there’s one thing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have done well, it’s introducing surprising Tera Raids. Even though the 7-Star Decidueye event returns for round two this weekend, we simultaneously have 5-Star Blissey populating our raid crystals through Sunday. Similar to previous 5-Star events, Blissey can appear with any Tera Type. If you’re afraid this might make Blissey hard to counter, trust me, you have nothing to worry about.

Blissey is less a challenge and more a loot piñata full of Tera Shards. That’s right, we finally have an event that’s handing out one of the scarcest resources in the game like candy! Here’s what you should expect.

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The official hardcore Blissey Tera Raid guide

If you don’t deliberately try to fail, you will defeat Blissey. Its main offensive move is Seismic Toss, dealing a static 75 damage to you upon use. It technically also knows Last Resort, but Blissey likely won’t live long enough to use it. Savvy players might note that these attacks are Fighting and Normal-Type respectively, both of which can’t affect Ghost Pokemon. In other words, bring a Gengar or an Annihilape to be functionally immortal.

Not that you need to prepare in any meaningful way to take on Blissey. Its other moves are Heal Pulse and Soft-Boiled, which might give the impression that this fight is a DPS check. That said, Blissey will use Heal Pulse on you. If you ever wanted an opportunity to flaunt a Belly Drum Pokemon like Azumarill, this is the fight you’ve been waiting for. In my testing, I never saw Blissey use Soft-Boiled or Last Resort a single time. Then again, it typically went down in about three turns.

Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone joining an online room that struggles to defeat Blissey before time runs out. Even if you were in any danger, a single healing Cheer should be all you need to recover. Throw caution to the wind and hit Blissey with everything you’ve got.

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Is this event worth your time?

As mentioned above, this is the Tera Shard event. Blissey will drop 20+ Tera Shards per clear, including ones that don’t correspond to its Tera Type. These yields are even better than the 7-Star Tera Raids we’ve seen to this point. You’ll also receive a ton of EXP candies for easy power leveling, which admittedly doesn’t mean as much for anyone regularly running 7-Star events. Still, given how easy Blissey is, this is a nice bonus for players still progressing the main story or postgame content.

I do feel ethically obligated to say that the Tera Shard grind is a problem that shouldn’t have existed in the game to begin with. The Blissey event is a Band-Aid, and it’s infuriating that anyone who doesn’t play this weekend will still be subjugated to the usual rates. Still, Tera Shards are mostly important for competitive players, so this event offers a bit of relief for the hardcore audience. In short, if you’re actively playing Scarlet & Violet, make sure to smack Blissey a few times for some easy loot. The event won’t send you to the moon and back, but we have bugs for that.

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