Don’t get too bogged up with nearly any choices in High on Life

Should you let Gene leave or stay in High on Life?

It’s just part of the vibe

High on Life, like Trover Saves the Universe before it, has a lot of meta-commentary baked in. Many of the decisions you make won’t matter, and the game even makes light of this throughout the adventure. So when you’re wondering whether or not you should kick Gene (the down on his luck bounty hunter that lends you his gear) out of your house: don’t worry about it too much.

It doesn’t matter which choice you make with Gene

Gene will stay in your house no matter what. If you tell Gene to leave, he’ll stay. If you tell him to stay, he’ll…stay.

I’ll admit: High on Life does have the ability to make you sweat some of the decisions you’re going to make. At first, a few options felt like I was making the best of two bad decisions, which added some tension into the mix. But with that in mind, you aren’t going to really miss much big beyond some animations if you choose nearly anything in any story choice sequence.

The same goes for stabbing Gene

Stabbing Gene is A-OK too! After acquiring Knifey, and returning home, you’ll get the option to stab Gene. If you do it, he’ll live, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot if you’re hankering for it.

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