Should you cure Mia or Zoe in Resident Evil 7?

It kind of doesn’t matter, but go with your gut

With Resident Evil 4 remake sweeping the globe, you could say we all have a case of Resident Evil fever. It’s a great opportunity to go back to prior games in the series (I’m replaying RE5!), including the heavily lauded Resident Evil 7. But you’ll eventually come to a crossroads of what seems like a very important choice: here’s how they both play out.

What happens if you save Zoe

Saving Zoe will piss off Eveline (the bioweapon controlling Mia), who will kill Zoe later in the story; and eventually, Mia herself. Ethan will be left completely alone at the end when he’s saved by Chris Redfield, ending on a dour, but bittersweet moment where he bids farewell to Mia forever.

Of course, this isn’t how Capcom intends the story to play out in terms of canonicity.

What happens if you save Mia

Generally considered the “canon” ending because it ties into the subsequent DLC, saving Mia actually allows her to live and sets up the rest of Zoe’s story. Mia is rescued by Chris in the end alongside Ethan, and their relationship continues on through the story of Resident Evil Village. Miraculously, Zoe also won’t die, as she has a starring role in the End of Zoe DLC.

It’s considered by many (myself included) to be the “proper” choice, but you can honestly pick whatever you want! Resident Evil 7 is perfect for multiple playthroughs, so maybe save Mia on the first run, then try and save Zoe next just to see what happens.

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