Shin Megami Tensei IV equipped with day-one DLC

Maps, Armor and Style

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Shin Migami Tensei IV will have an assortment of downloadable content available at launch, Atlus has announced. In addition to retailer-specific pre-order bonus costumes, the publisher will be offering a variety of DLC to help series newcomers ease into the experience.

The Platinum Surcoat facilitates the early going by granting players boosted stats. Similar to Dragon’s Crown, it will be free for the first month before reverting back to $1. There’s also a map pack designed to give new players a leg up by providing additional experience and an exclusive collectible demon for $2. Finally, a trio of alternate hairstyles will also be there for the taking free of charge. 

Alus has also announced plans to reveal more add-ons for the Nintendo 3DS exclusive role-playing game closer to its July 16 release date.

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